Our Staff

Over the years our firm has trained and assisted our Accountants to purchase our practices to begin their own business. We pride ourselves on the future development of young Accountants making their way up in the business.

Our Administration staff is ever growing, developing and progressing through future studies at tertiary institutes and have committed themselves to being the future Tax Consultants and Accountants of Robins Harris.


Robins Harris Pty Ltd logoEric K Robins established the first accounting practice at Philip Highway, Elizabeth and Hutt Street, Adelaide in 1956.  Service was supplied to many of the new small businesses, which had commenced in Elizabeth from its foundation.  Among the first clients of the practice were Charles Pyatt, well known Torrens and State footballer as well as the first coach of Central Districts Football Club, Kenneth Russell a chemist, who became president of Central District's Club and Mervyn Appleton, who had the first established petrol station on Philip Highway.

It was an experience to be a member of and contributor to the establishment of a new city, planned and led by Sir Thomas Playford the Premier of the State and Lyell McEwin.  Eric was a contemporary of both these individuals as well as the many new residents of Elizabeth, English and European migrants as well as Australian born. Later to come, were migrants from Asia and so we now have a truly multicultural population from diverse backgrounds. Our experience in Elizabeth caused the growth we have experienced in Gawler, Barossa Valley and north to the Flinders as well as the Riverland and Lower North. Now with offices in Elizabeth, Gawler and Eastwood, Adelaide and up to date with the latest of computer systems, hardware and software systems, we can provide a multi purpose advisory accounting and taxation service.

Eric and Joan Robins with four children settled in Elizabeth were able to provide for their family plus two more children being born in Elizabeth at Lyell McEwin Hospital. Joan and Eric served on many of the first community committees that were established in the area, being members of the Lions Club as well as involved with the building’s administration of the Lyell McEwin Hospital. Eric was a board member and then chairman of the board during the initial development of the hospital. Eric K Robins is still involved in the practice, as Managing Director of the Company, assisted by trained and qualified staff in each office.

Kenneth Robins, son of E K Robins, a graduate from Deakin University in Accounting and Finance had joined the practice in the 1970's becoming a partner in 1979.  He made a significant contribution to the success of the practice in Elizabeth as well as a prime mover in the purchase and establishment of the Gawler office in 1982.

Our direct influence in Elizabeth ceased with the death of Kenneth Robins in 2004 and we were not able to resume occupation of Elizabeth until the 1st July 2007. We then re-established, following extensive renovations of the building and surrounds.  After a successful re-establishment with the latest electronic equipment, computers and systems to provide up to date service in every aspect of Accounting, Audit, Financial and Tax Services in this 21st century. 

Eric K. Robins and supporting staff are continuing to provide the service and advice which has been an ongoing principle of Robins Harris in each office.